Our Story

We’re a team that loves working together, with each other and with our clients. Each one of us brings specialised skills to the table to collaborate on ideas, challenge the status quo and push each other … and we have a tonne of fun doing it.

We embrace and execute Agile Scrum principles in the way we do our work. We produce a User Story backlog with estimated Story Points, and progressively refine the backlog using Velocity and retrospectives to constantly improve our workflow. As a result of this we deliver projects that meet three criteria;

On Time

Time is our most precious resource and we respect the fact that our clients have entrusted us to deliver their project within a certain time frame. Using Scrum principles, we estimate the starting schedule for a project based on Story Points and Velocity. Of course any estimate at the start of a project will have a degree of variance and we refine this estimate as the project evolves. Our planning accuracy increases as we progress and our estimated time frame becomes more precise. We will never commit to a fixed date at the outset, simply because we do not believe it is possible, and to do so would compromise the budget and the quality of the project.

On Budget

We provide our clients with a project budget at the commencement of a project and this budget becomes further refined as the project progresses. Because we build projects in sprints, we are delivering working software at each 2 week interval. We never have an excess of work in progress inventory, and we can always estimate what remains in the project backlog. Just like our on time performance, our on budget performance is driven by our scrum principles.

World Class

We believe in building beautiful world class apps. We’re ‘lean’ practitioners and have adapted ‘lean’ manufacturing principles to our software development practice. We optimise development time and resources, eliminate waste, and maximize customer value by only delivering what’s needed. We deliver a maximum value product for your minimum viable budget.

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